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Class 5, the highest tequila category, includes Ultra-Aged or Extra-Añejo tequilas. These must be matured for at least 3 years.

You are a fan of spirits or particularly like tequila? Then you will find very special treasures in this category. But even if the Mexican spirit was out of the question for you until now, the enjoyment of an Extra Anejo Tequila will convince you of this special Mexican agave liquor. The storage in old oak barrels, a popular and proven method in the production of spirits, gives the agave spirit, which may only be produced in a few states of Mexico, its special coloring and note. Extra Anejo Tequila can be drunk like a mild whiskey and yet it is completely different. And as with whiskey, the aging time is used as an important characteristic to determine quality.

The extra mature drop is considered particularly good when it has been stored for a very long time in oak barrels, such as the Villa Lobos "LOS HOMBRES" Anejado 10 ANOS, which is stored for ten years. But also shorter stored Tequilas, like the La Cofradia Catarina Anejo show very special notes. As with whiskey or bourbon, what was previously stored in the barrels naturally also plays an important role. Particularly popular are barrels in which previously red wines or whiskeys were allowed to mature.
Try them out the extra mature tequila, be it pure like a whiskey or cognac or in a tequila cocktail like the Margarita.

Tequila is a noble drink, especially the Extra Añejo Tequila is something special, the connoisseur specifically chooses this high-quality drink. The country of origin, Mexico, presents different varieties. The oldest and most expensive tequila is the Extra Añejo. Due to the long storage, the intense flavor and aroma are unique. Many different varieties in the category Extra Añejo Tequila allow the targeted selection, for every taste there is the right drink. In Mexico, tequila is considered the national drink. Why don't you try it too, this popular drink.

The history of this drink goes back to the 16th century. Tequila with 100% agave is of the highest quality. The 100% agave tequila can be produced only in Mexico. Some product descriptions refer to the numbering of the bottles, in other words, the product is traceable, made in Mexico and meets the highest quality standards.

Tequila is mainly produced in Mexico, in other words in the state of Jalisco, where the blue Weber agave grows. The basic product is the blue Weber agave, which with its thorns is reminiscent of a thistle or a cactus. Only the inside of the agave is used, the pina, so to speak the heart, which of course does not contain any spines. By the way, the agave belongs to the Aloe Vera family.

Blue agaves are almost as valuable as gold. The controlled cultivation of the agaves on their own fields, without the use of pesticides, guarantees quality and purity. Tequila is indisputably a masterpiece, free of additives. The harvest of the blue agave is possible only after 7 years at the earliest. You want to buy the excellent Extra Añejo Tequila, you can do it with us, Expert 24.com, in our well-stocked Extra Añejo Tequila Shop.

The La Cofradia varieties are well known and popular:
Le Cofradia Tequila Extra Añejo 100% de Agave Cabeza Olmeca 38% Vol. 0,5l
La Cofradia means brotherhood. The tequila is produced, as already recognizable by the name, from agaves. The presentation, because bottle is not quite the right description here, is an envelope with facial contours, which according to the manufacturer is to imagine a man wearing a helmet. The taste is fruity, somewhat reminiscent of oak in combination with cooked agave.

The similar version La Cofradia Tequila Extra Añejo 100% de Agave Diosa 38% Vol. 0.5l is available in a well-packaged bottle. On this bottle there is a man's head. This man embodies the center of the Olmec culture. It is known that the sculptures of the Aztecs have oversized heads, showing facial features of the famous kings or priests. Diosa, by the way, means goddess. The female energy was respected by the Aztecs. The taste of this excellent drink is also fruity and reminiscent of cooked agave. The color resembles light gold. The taster note describes the finish as long lasting.

The third version La Cofradia Tequila Extra Añejo 100% de Agave Reserve Especial 38% Vol. 0.7l was actually offered for sale just before the 2010 South Africa Football Championship. The soccer mentioned is held by an agave, which is particularly original. By the way, the tequila matures for at least three years in white oak barrels. The taste is similar to the taste of the listed brands.

The distillery La Cofradia in Mexico is located at the foot of the volcano. The fields belonging to the distillery are located at about 1,500 meters in the mountains. The labels on the bottles indicate the traditional craftsmanship. You can drink the tequila straight or mix it with other drinks.

La Cofradia has been making tequila for more than 50 years. While the tequila is made using tradition, it is processed in a modern facility. The presentation and packaging are particularly interesting. The aroma and taste fit, and the end result is an excellent drink.

If you look at the makes in this category, La Cofradia scores with original, unique packaging. Cabeza Olmeca from a distance looks like a sack, but it scores with a valuable content; the contours of a face, but what is easily overlooked, create interest and also some curiosity. The attention of the potential buyer is aroused. Soccer fans see the great presentation and then also try the accompanying tequila, the drink is extremely popular. The ceramic soccer held by an agave is the highlight of this series. The Diosa brand, on the other hand, scores with a head on the bottle, the packaging is also unique here. The quality is excellent in all three versions.

Basically, all products that you purchase through our Extra Añejo Tequila Shop are of the best quality and from renowned manufacturers. We value satisfied customers and offer only the best of the best.

Padre Azul Single Barrel Tequila Extra Añejo 40% Vol. 0,7l in a really nice gift box
By the way, this product is new in our assortment. Our Extra Añejo Tequila Shop grants also here 3% discount, as on all our products with a purchase value from 300 euros. This noble, high-quality drink is made from 100% blue Weber Agave. The fabulous aroma is only achievable with four years of aging in bourbon oak barrels. The mild taste makes you feel cooked agave, peaches and apricots. You'll notice delicate hints of cinnamon, caramel, chocolate and vanilla. Enjoy this precious drink with time and tranquility.

Tequila Tres Mujeres distillery meets the highest quality standards. The drink is limited to 270 bottles/barrel and is produced with great care.

Inicio Tequila Extra Añejo 100% Agave Azul 40% Vol. 0,7 l
The Partida Hermosillo family produces this unique tequila. It is worth mentioning that the distillery is located about 25 km from the city of Tequila. Quality control is carried out by the Council Regulator of Tequila. The taste is sweet and woody; you can taste the agave, of course. The product also contains the taste and aroma of smoke, which belongs to this tequila. This is a new product, but there are only 6 bottles left. This confirms the quality and popularity. The color is reminiscent of amber.

Riluso distillery is located in Switzerland and is also the importer. The aging period is three years, French oak barrels are used. The Hermosillo family has been in this business for three generations, not only diligence and passion are the foundation, but also years of experience are priceless. Products of this distillery are legendary.

Availability is indicated for each product. There are still 6 pieces of bottles, in other words, buyers need to decide quickly.

This tequila is one of the most valuable in this category.

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo 10% de Agave Tequila 2019 38% Vol 0,7 is sold in a wooden box.
This drink has been known since 1795. Each bottle is numbered and sealed with wax. It is stored in oak barrels in the private cellars of the Jose Cuervo family of producers. You will smell apples, olives, almonds, cinnamon and a hint of oak. The taste of roasted almonds is decisive for many lovers to choose this make. The drink is new in our assortment. At the moment we still have 121 pieces in stock.

The distillery La Rojena is responsible for the processing since the beginning. This distillery is considered one of the oldest in Latin America. Those who are interested can visit the distillery and participate in a tequila tasting. After about 250 years, artisanal production is still a focus. The agaves are cooked in brick ovens and then processed in copper stills.

Sierra Tequila Milenario Extra Añejo 100% de Agave 41.5% Vol. 0.7l, in a distinctive gift box.
The storage in holm oak barrels lasts at least three to four years. The long storage in the Sierra distillery, on the right air exchange is meticulously paid attention, leads to the unique spicy flavor, with a hint of vanilla. Worth mentioning is the volcanic soil in the mountains of Jalisco, which is responsible for the growth of the agaves.

The gift box is very nice, the bottle is reminiscent of an oversized perfume bottle. The luxurious presentation speaks for itself. The tequila has a fresh aroma and tastes the same. The perfect gift for the connoisseur is the Sierra Tequila. Out of a possible five points, this product was also rated five points. The amber color, aroma and incomparable taste have made the Sierra brand highly regarded.

Villa Lobos Tequila Los Hombres 10 Anos Extra Añejo Edicion Limitada 40% Vol. 0.7l in a gift box.
The maturation period for this drink is ten years, the tequila is stored in ex-bourbon oak barrels. Worldwide, this high-quality drink is limited to 2,000 bottles, each bottle contains a number and the bottling date, here are not only connoisseurs, but also collectors in demand. The Altena Distillery in Arandas in the Jalisco area produces this golden-colored tequila. The sweet taste refers not only to agave, but also butterscotch, wood, roasted red pepper.

Villa Lobos Tequila Extra Añejo 100% de Agave 40% vol. 0,7 l
This popular tequila is currently out of stock. After the distillation process, this make is aged for 6 months in special steel tanks. The goal is to obtain a taste that is milder than average. After that, four or five years of aging in American oak barrels are required to achieve the smoky, unique aroma and unique, characteristic flavor.

The Villa Lobos brand comes from the distillery Tequila Tapatio S.A. The distillery has been supplying this tequila for about 80 years. The distillery was founded by Felipe Camarena Hernandez in 1937, and the first tequila was sold in 1940.

Villa Lobos Tequila scores a gold medal from 2014, awarded by Spirits Business. The smell refers to wine, cognac, smoke and citrus. The slightly spicy taste is the icing on the cake of this excellent drink.

Out of a possible five rating points, this tequila received full marks.

The products in our store are filtered by taste, properties, etc. The products with vanilla are especially popular:
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo, two versions whose difference is in the design.
La Cofradia Tequila Extra Añejo, three makes,
Padre Azul Single Barrel Tequila Añejo,
Sierra Tequila Milenario Extra Añejo,
Villa Lobos Tequila Extra Añejo.
The brand names guarantee high quality, inimitable individual taste and unique aroma. The gift versions are made with love and care. The distilleries in Mexico combine craftsmanship, years of experience and the traditional method of production. However, some operations are done by machine.

The spicy taste can be found in the latter products Sierra Tequila and Villa Lobos Tequila. Many connoisseurs explicitly choose the products that taste like spices.

By the way, the listed tequila brands do not contain dye.

Extra Añejo Tequila is available for sale with different flavors. The products are filtered, so you can find the version with the desired flavor right away. For the Extra Añejo Tequila category, choose from floral, floral flavor to spicy flavor. If you want to taste the fruit intensely, opt for one of the six tequila varieties, such as Inicio Tequila, La Cofradia Tequila, Padre Azul Single Barrel and Sierra Tequila Milenario. Woody tastes are found in Inicio Tequila and Villa Lobos Tequila Los Hombres.

Those who prefer the caramel taste will be satisfied with Padre Azul Single Barrel. The Villa Lobos Extra Anejo product also contains a hint of caramel.

You will quickly find your favorites in our Extra Añejo Tequila Shop. You do not have to search long, use the product filters. You want to buy high-quality Extra Añejo Tequila, then look at our assortment. The important details are listed transparently, such as the alcohol content, availability. Moreover, there is a 3% discount on all products if the purchase value exceeds 300 euros, while the promotional items are offered with reduced prices.

If you buy Extra Añejo Tequila, then take into account our discounts, if your purchase exceeds 1,000 euros, you will receive a 10% discount, shipping is free. There are only two products that are offered with 0.5 l instead of 0.7 l, and they are La Cofradia Tequila Extra Añejo Cabeza Olmeca and the Diosa version.

It is noteworthy that the distilleries have been producing tequila for generations. Some of the work processes are still applicable today. Experience and care enhance the image of the distilleries in Mexico.

Promotions and discounts.
In our Extra Añejo Tequila Shop you will find promotions, in other words, the tequila varieties listed below are reduced and on top of that you get up to 10% discount. For some products the stock is limited. Tequila is back in trend, the connoisseurs and gourmets have rediscovered the value of this noble drink. Take a look around with us.

You will find suitable accessories in our Extra Añejo Tequila Shop, the special Jose Cuervo Tequila Shot Glass belongs to the proper Tequila equipment, as well as the Olmeca Tequila Shot Glass, also with calibration.

If you want to buy Extra Añejo Tequila, check out our website. Expert 24 presents ten different, high-quality makes in the Extra Añejo Tequila category. The brand names such as Inicio Tequila, Jose Cuervo, La Cofradia, Padre Azul, Sierra and Villa Lobos are known all over the world. The products are bought with pleasure, the brand name vouches for quality.

You are looking for a suitable gift, then explicitly look for the items in the gift box, such as in this category, for example, the two Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia versions, which are in a wooden box. The Sierra Tequila Milenario Tequila scores with its fancy gift box, as do the Padre Azul and Villa Lobos Tequila.

You don't have to search for a gift in crowded stores, our Extra Añejo Tequila Shop has no opening hours, you can order around the clock without stress and pressure. The well-structured website presents numerous products that will arouse your interest.

The category of Tequila Extra Añejo is particularly high quality due to the long maturation period. These excellent drinks are not only particularly noble in presentation, but likewise in taste. The selection allows you to choose the variety of tequila that suits you in terms of taste. As already mentioned, the quality is high when the tequila is made from 100% agave. This is true for the ten products, even if this is not always recognizable in the product name. Treat yourself and your guests to a nice, wholesome drink, take a look around our website. Take into account the availability to possibly order another product. Take advantage of the promotional offers and discounts.

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